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<analytics uacct="UA-1580095-2" ></analytics> ANSWER (Automated NS-2 Workflow managER) is a software automation tool for the Network Simulator (ns-2) based on ns2measure, explicitly designed for facilitating large-scale simulation experiments. It is composed of two scripts:

  • Launcher is responsible for providing a correct input for the ns-2 simulator based on a XML input file.
  • Drawer is a graphical php web interface that can be used to aggregate and analyze the results produced by ns-2. The instructions to install this package can be found at Drawer readme

In order to describe and specify a campaign simulation with its settings and parameters, we have developed a personalized XML simulation description language. An example of it can be found at example.xml.

The paper describing this framework is:

M. Andreozzi, G. Stea, C. Vallati, "A Framework for Large-scale Simulations and Output Result Analysis with ns-2", Proceedings of QoSim 2009, Rome, Italy, March 6, 2009

The authors' version of the work can be found here. It is posted by permission of ICST and ACM for personal use. Not for redistribution. Please quote the above paper if you use ANSWER.

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