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If you would like to receive a soft copy of one of my works, drop me an email. Please, include your name and affiliation, and the reason why you are interested in the requested paper.

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Journal papers

2007 Bandwidth Allocation with Half-Duplex Stations in IEEE 802.16 Wireless Networks<bibref style="IEEE">bacioccola07bandwidth</bibref>

2007 Design and performance analysis of the real-time HCCA scheduler for IEEE 802.11e WLANs<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti07design</bibref>

2007 An Efficient Cross Layer Scheduler for Multimedia Traffic in Wireless Local Area Networks with IEEE 802.11e HCCA<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti07efficient</bibref>

2007 Performance Evaluation of the IEEE 802.16 MAC for QoS Support<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti07performance</bibref>

2006 Quality of Service Support in IEEE 802.16 Networks<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti06quality</bibref>

Conference proceedings

2008 Scheduling and Dynamic Relocation for IEEE 802.11s Mesh Deterministic Access<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti08scheduling</bibref>

2007 Bandwidth Balancing in Multi-Channel IEEE 802.16 Wireless Mesh networks<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti07bandwidth</bibref>

2007 Performance evaluation of the IEEE 802.16 MAC protocol for Broadband Wireless Access<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti07performance-3</bibref>

2007 A Downlink Data Region Allocation Algorithm for IEEE 802.16e OFDMA<bibref style="IEEE">bacioccola07downlink</bibref>

2007 Throughput Analysis of Best Effort Traffic in IEEE 802.16/WiMAX<bibref style="IEEE">bacioccola07throughput</bibref>

2006 Efficient Provisioning of Real-Time QoS Guarantees in IEEE 802.11e WLANs<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti06efficient</bibref>

2006 An Integrated Framework for Enabling Effective Data Collection and Statistical Analysis with ns-2<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti06integrated</bibref>

2005 Scheduling Algorithm for Providing Real-Time QoS Guarantees in 802.11e WLANs<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti05scheduling</bibref>

2005 Simulation Model for End-to-End QoS across Heterogeneous Networks<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti05simulation</bibref>

2005 A Software Architecture for Simulating IEEE 802.11e HCCA<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti05software</bibref>

2005 WTTP: A Scheduling Algorithm for Supporting QoS in IEEE 802.11e<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti05wttp</bibref>

PhD thesis

2007 Performance evaluation of the mesh election procedure of IEEE 802.16/WiMAX<bibref style="IEEE">cicconetti07performance-2</bibref>



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