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This program is a Network Calculus tool.

Download and compile

The latest version can be downloaded here:

The sources can be compiled using the GCC compiler 3.x or 4.x series. It is known to work on most Linux distributions, Windows Mingw32+MSys [1] and Cygwin [2].

       tar -zxf deborah.tgz
       cd deborah


You can obtain the inline help by typing:

       ./deborah --help

It will print the program syntax and the list of supported options. The archive contains a number of tandem configuration files into the /scenarios directory. To give the program a quick try, type:

       ./deborah scenarios/tree-o2-d3.conf --lb --ludb

License information

This program has been developed by the [Main Page|Computer Networking Group] of the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione of the University of Pisa, Italy.

All the software and documentation available in this page is released under the GNU General Public License, which means (roughly) that you can download the sources and modify them and do with them whatever you are legally entitled to, provided that you keep the license information in all the files that you use/redistribute. BUT, you cannot incorporate this software into proprietary programs.

If you happen to use this program and/or you want to send us any feedback, please drop an email to the author (luca dot bisti at iet dot unipi dot it). Comments and bug reports are always welcome. Thanks.

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