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'''v0.91 (September 16, 2010):'''
'''v0.91 (September 16, 2010):'''
* Implemented Single Tandem Analysis (STA) method for non-nested topologies.
* Implemented Single Tandem Analysis (STA) method to compute LUDB in non-nested topologies.
* Accurate performance timing and bug fixes
* Accurate performance timing and bug fixes

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Deborah (DElay BOund Rating AlgoritHm) is a Network Calculus tool which computes Least Upped Delay Bound (LUDB) and Lower Bound (LB) in network tandems.


Download and compile

The latest version of the software can be downloaded here:

The C++ sources can be compiled using the GCC compiler 3.x or 4.x series. It is known to work on most Linux distributions and on Windows using MinGW+MSys [1] and Cygwin [2].

   tar -zxf deborah.tgz
   cd deborah

By default, the executable will be stored into the ./src subdirectory. Please check that the compiler options used in the Makefile are suitable for your system, especially the optimization flags -march=xxx and -Ox. The ./optimized directory contains a Makefile which will generate a binary tuned for Intel i686-class processors and level two code optimizations (-O2).


You can obtain the inline help by typing:

   ./deborah --help

The distribution archive contains a few sample tandem configuration files which can be found into the ./scenarios directory. You can give Deborah a quick try with:

   ./deborah scenarios/tree-k3-l2.conf --lb --ludb

This will compute both LUDB and Lower Bound on a balanced tree having K=3 and L=2. Tandem configurations can be written as text files using a very simple syntax; just take a look at the samples provided.


v0.91 (September 16, 2010):

  • Implemented Single Tandem Analysis (STA) method to compute LUDB in non-nested topologies.
  • Accurate performance timing and bug fixes

v0.90 (July 31, 2009):

  • Added support for LUDB analysis of non-nested tandems
  • Minor optimizations and bug fixes in LUDB-related code

v0.85 (October 23, 2008):

  • Initial Deborah release

License information

This program has been developed by the Computer Networking Group (CNG) of the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione of the University of Pisa, Italy.

All the software and documentation available in this page is released under the GNU General Public License, which means (roughly) that you can download the sources and modify them and do with them whatever you are legally entitled to, provided that you keep the license information in all the files that you use/redistribute. BUT, you cannot incorporate this software into proprietary programs.

If you happen to use this program and/or you want to send us any feedback, please drop an email to the author (luca dot bisti at iet dot unipi dot it). Comments and bug reports are always welcome. Thanks.

Note for site references: please do include direct links to the application tarball on this host, because the URL might change with time; link to this page instead.

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