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Welcome to my home page.

Skype: warner83
Current address: Via Diotisalvi 2, 56122 Pisa (Italy)

I am a Ph.D. student at the Information Engineering Department of the University of Pisa.

I was a visiting scholar at the Computer Science department of the University of California at Davis, under the supervision of Prof. Prasant Mohapatra.

Here is my resume.


Editorial activities

Organizing committee member of:


  • ANSWER: an integrated statistical framework for large scale simulations on ns2
  • Factorial2kr: A 2k×r factorial analysis tool for ns2measure
  • ns2voip++: An enhanced revision of the ns2voip module. It is an extension to ns2 to carry out reliable performance evaluation studies with Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic

Research interests


  • QoS scheduling in wireless networks
  • Network simulation and performance evaluation
  • Wireless Mesh Networks
  • Power saving over WiMax networks


  • IEEE 802.11s
  • IEEE 802.16e


  • L. Bisti, L. Lenzini, E. Mingozzi, C. Vallati, A. Erta, U. Malesci. Improved Network Resilience of Wireless Mesh Networks Using MPLS and Fast Re-Routing Techniques. Ad Hoc Networks, In Press.
  • C. Cicconetti, L. Lenzini, E. Mingozzi, C.Vallati. Reducing Power Consumption with QoS Constraints in IEEE 802.16e Wireless Networks. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Vol. 9, No. 7, pp. 1008-1021, July 2010.

Conference Proceedings

  • L. Lenzini, E. Mingozzi, C. Vallati. A Distributed Delay-balancing Slot Allocation Algorithm for 802.11s Mesh Coordinated Channel Access under Dynamic Traffic Conditions. to appear in Proceedings of the 7th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS 2010), San Francisco, CA, USA, Nov. 8-11, 2010.
  • C. Cicconetti, L. Lenzini, D. Migliorini, E. Mingozzi, C. Vallati. Design and Performance Evaluation of an Energy-Aware Scheduling Framework for Mobile WiMAX. to appear in Proceedings of the 13th ACM Symposium on Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Wireless and Mobile Systems (MSWiM'10), Bodrum, Turkey, October 17-21, 2010.
  • D. Migliorini, E. Mingozzi, C. Vallati. QoE-oriented performance evaluation of video streaming over WiMAX. to appear in Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communications (WWIC 2010), Luleå, Sweden, June 1-3, 2010.
  • M. Andreozzi, D. Migliorini, G. Stea, C. Vallati. Ns2Voip++, an enhanced module for VoIP simulations. SIMUTools 2010, Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain, 15-16 March 2010
  • C. Cicconetti, E. Mingozzi, C. Vallati. A 2k×r factorial analysis tool for ns2measure. NsTools 2009, Pisa. 19 October 2009.
  • M. Andreozzi, G. Stea, C. Vallati (2009). A Framework for Large-scale simulations and Output Result Analysis with ns-2. Qosim 2009. Rome. 6 March 2009
  • Anastasi, G.; Bacioccola, A.; Cicconetti, C.; Lenzini, L.; Mingozzi, E.; Vallati, C., "Performance evaluation of power management for best effort applications in IEEE 802.16 networks," Wireless Conference, 2008. EW 2008. 14th European , vol., no., pp.1-6, 22-25 June 2008

Technical Reports

  • Realizzazione di un applicazione per l'incremento della sicurezza dei dispositivi mobili,(with Alessandro Falleni and Carlo Vallati). Technical report IIT-2006-B4-05.

Teaching (Italian)

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