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Welcome to my home page.

Matteo Andreozzi
GnuPG key: download
Phone: +39 050 2217 690
Fax: +39 050 2217 600

I am a Ph.D. student at the Information Engineering Department of the University of Pisa.


Editorial activities

Organizing committee member of:


  • ANSWER: an integrated statistical framework for large scale simulations on ns2

Research interests


  • QoS scheduling in wireless networks
  • Relay nodes in wireless networks
  • Network simulation and performance evaluation
  • VoIP playout optimization techniques over wireless links


  • 3GPP High Speed Packet Access
  • 3GPP Long Term Evolution

Conference Proceedings

  • M. Andreozzi, G. Stea, C. Vallati (2009). A Framework for Large-scale simulations and Output Result Analysis with ns-2. Qosim 2009. Rome. 6 March 2009 (link)
  • M. Andreozzi, G. Stea, A. Bacioccola, R. Rossi (2009). Flexible Scheduling for Real-Time Services in High-Speed Packet Access Cellular Networks. In: European Wireless 2009. Aalborg, Danimarca, 17-05-2009 / 20-05-2009, p. 189-193
  • M. Andreozzi, G.Stea,Effective Scheduling of Real-time Traffic in HSUPA, European Wireless 2010, pp 1-8, Lucca,2010
  • M. Andreozzi, D.Migliorini, G.Stea, C.Vallati (2010). Ns2voip++, an enhanced module for VoIP simulations, SIMUTools 2010, pp 1-2, Torremolinos, Spagna,2010
  • M. Andreozzi, G. Stea, D. Sabella ,OptiMOS: Optimal MOS-based scheduling of downlink voice flows in point-to-multipoint access networks, WoWMoM 2010, pp 1-6, Montreal,2010
  • M. Andreozzi, LTE and LTE-Advanced evaluation through innovative simulation tool, WoWMoM 2011, Lucca, 2011


  • M. Andreozzi, D. Migliorini, V. Pii, G. Stea, D. Sabella, M. Caretti, R. Fantini, "Link Scheduling Algorithm for OFDMA Wireless Networks with Relay Nodes",PCT/EP2011/053221, filed 03/03/2011
  • M. Andreozzi, D. Migliorini, G. Pagano, G. Stea, D. Sabella, M. Caretti, R. Fantini, "LTE Scheduling", PCT/EP2011/053225, filed 03/03/2011
  • Andreozzi Matteo Maria, Bacioccola Andrea, Stea Giovanni, Franceschini Daniele, Pulieri Ettore, Rossi Roberto,A scheduling method and system for communication, 2007 - WO/2009/080081
  • Andreozzi M., Stea G., Sabella D.,Caretti M., A method of scheduling transmission in a communication network, corresponding communication node and computer program product,2009 - PCT/EP2009/009266
  • Andreozzi M., Stea G., Sabella D.,Caretti M., Franceschini D., Rossi R., Method and system for handling queues in communication networks, corresponding computer program product,2010 PCT/EP2010/002160
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