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IMPORTANT: This is my old home page, from when I was a post-doc researcher at the Information Engineering Department of the University of Pisa. From November 2009 I am working in Intecs, so data/references here might be obsolete. Please check my new homepage.

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The three most cited papers that I co-authored are:

1. Quality of service support in IEEE 802.16 networks, IEEE Network, 2006 (citations)

2. Performance evaluation of the IEEE 802.16 MAC for QoS support, IEEE Trans. on Mobile Comput., 2007 (citations)

3. Bandwidth balancing in multi-channel IEEE 802.16 Wireless Mesh Networks, IEEE Infocom'07 (citations)

Click to see the full list of my publications.


Editorial activities

Organizing committee member of:

TPC member of:


  • Guest co-editor of a special issue of papers selected from Valuetools 2008 for the Journal of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems: Theory and Applications (JDEDS)

Invited talks:

  • "Environmental sustainability of current and future network architectures", IMT Lucca, June 2009
  • "WiMAX QoS scheduling and frame allocation", First open seminar of WiNEM: WiMAX Network Engineering an Multihoming, Feb. 2008

Here is the number of anonymous reviews that I have performed (only the original submission is counted for journals), grouped by :


  • ns2mesh80216: an extension to ns2 to simulate IEEE 802.16 Wireless Mesh Networks
  • ns2voip: an extension to ns2 to carry out reliable performance evaluation studies with Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic
  • ns2measure: an integrated framework for enabling effective data collection and statistical analysis with ns2
  • ns2hcca: an extension to ns2 to support IEEE 802.11e HCCA


At the University of Pisa, Italy:

  • Assistant of Advanced Networking Architectures and Wireless Systems (2007-Today)
  • Assistant of Computer Networks (2005-Today)
  • Assistant of Concepts in Programming Languages 2 (2003-2005)

At the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa, Italy, :

  • Co-teacher of Networking, with Prof. P. Castoldi, in the International Master in Information Technology (IMIT) and International Master in Communications and Networking Engineering (IMCNE) (2005-2007)


International projects:

  • Wireless World Initiative New Radio (Winner+) [past project] The support of broadband services for mobile and wireless applications towards IMT-Advanced, with excellent user experiences, are key trends for future radio access technologies (RAT), providing deployment scenarios with reduced operator’s CAPEX and OPEX. The WINNER+ project addresses these challenges from a technical, standardisation and regulatory perspective.
  • End-to-end Quality of Service support over heterogeneous networks (EuQoS) [past project] The key objective of EuQoS is to research, integrate, test, validate and demonstrate end-to-end QoS technologies to support the infrastructure upgrade for advanced QoS-aware applications - voice, video-conferencing, video-streaming, educational, tele-engineering and medical applications - over multiple, heterogeneous research, scientific and industrial network domains.

National projects in the framework of the PRIN program (Italy):

  • Design and assessment of protocols and distributed algorithms for Quality of Service mesh networks (NADIR) The project is aimed at promoting research in the field of Wireless Mesh Networks (WMN), based on either standard or emerging technologies. Such infrastructures have been recently devised to allow mobile users an ubiquitous, QoS-based access to I networks, such as the Internet, or metropolitan networks, or corporate networks of private and public companies.
  • Quality and Controllability of Communication Services over Heterogeneous Networks (QuaSAR) [past project] The project is aimed at investigating the development of technologies and methodologies to offer communication services with controllable quality in higly heterogeneous distributed systems, characterized by a large variety of available network infrastructures, typologies of user terminals and applications.

Research interests


  • Wireless Mesh Networks: resource sharing, scheduling, routing
  • Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols
  • QoS scheduling in wireless networks
  • Network simulation and performance evaluation


  • IEEE 802.11e - QoS Support
  • IEEE 802.11s - Mesh extension
  • IEEE 802.16d/WiMAX - PMP and Mesh modes
  • IEEE 802.16e/WiMAX - Mobility support
  • 3GPP Long Term Evolution
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